About Us

Welcome to Great Australian Tours, where every experience is an experience not to be missed!

Based in Adelaide South Australia, Great Australian Tours is a friendly touring company, offering a range of tours to suit your budget and interests. 

We can tailor-make a chartered tour, or you can choose one of our pre-organised tours.

Either way, it will be a trip of a lifetime and one you'll remember with a smile.

At Great Australian Tours, we encourage you to embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Our tours bring you face to face with Australia's most fascinating destinations, people and awe-inspiring wildlife.

You will collect a bag of fantastic memories as you discover the real Australia, real people, and have incredible real life experiences along the way.

Great Australian Tours can cater for small or large groups, depending on the circumstance. It's the diversity of the people you meet that make travelling with us even more rewarding and exciting! 

Join us in exploring Australia's diverse and amazing countryside and discover the secrets of what makes our country special.